Friday, August 8, 2014

Rot In Hell You Jew Bitch! Raving Mad Jewess Joan Rivers Filmed Ranting That Goyim Palestinians Deserved To Be Slaughtered

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  1. i'm so glad she's gone that zionist jew who had a mouth like the late howard cosell another zionist jew and their all hypocrites and she is where she belongs, rotting in zionist, jewish hell. i couldn't stand her and her mouth was so big you could put the sun in it with room left over. if her daughter is anything like moma was i feel really sorry for her. i do believe melissa knows that most christians and muslims hated her including me and my wife, we're christian armenians. she like all zionist jews are the biggest scumbags on earth. their favorate food is, MONEY!

    what chaps me about all zionist jews is they reject christ but believe in god, what hypocrites! they tell the whole world their gods chosen, bullshit! we christians are gods chosen! i don't allow any zionist jews in my home for it's a christian home, i do allow peaceful muslims.

    bottom line: joan rivers you stink and i hope your having fun in hell.