Sunday, February 19, 2017

SINS OF GLUTTONY #29: Texas Fat Man Is Arrested After Being Caught On Camera DRAGGING His German Shephard Behind His Motorized Wheelchair

Read the story, then read St Thomas on the sin of Gluttony and wonder....
A Texas man who dragged his helpless German Shepherd behind his motorized wheelchair has been arrested and faces an animal cruelty charge. A woman confronted Mario Cardona, 59, as she noticed him while driving through a neighborhood in Mission. She shot video of the shocking act, uploaded it to Facebook and called the police. The man can be heard yelling: 'It's my dog.' The female German Shepherd's name is G2. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>>
Question 148. Gluttony
  1. Is gluttony a sin?
  2. Is it a mortal sin?
  3. Is it the greatest of sins?
  4. Its species
  5. Is it a capital sin?
  6. Its daughters

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