Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Celebrating Australian Gay Marriage Vote Goes Wrong! Australian UN Diplomat With Trust Issues Plunges To His Death!

An Australian diplomat has fallen to his death from a New York City rooftop while playing a drunken 'trust game' with a friend. Julian Simpson, 30, plunged from his seventh floor apartment building in the Lower East Side on Wednesday at about 1.30am and landed on a second-story terrace. Simpson, who was the second secretary to the United Nations for Australia, was pronounced dead in hospital. He had been out with his wife and their friends for dinner earlier in the night before they all returned to his apartment for more drinks. They went up to his rooftop to see the Empire State Building because it had been lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate a gay marriage vote being passed in Australia. Police say Simpson climbed onto a higher part of the roof with his friend's wife and started twirling her around. The woman's husband confronted Simpson when they all returned to the apartment but he maintained he wasn't trying to harm or scare her.  Source

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