Saturday, December 9, 2017

Racially Mixed Couple Stephen Brown & Hailey Kai Dandurand Murder Telma Boinville With A Baseball Bat

Two suspects arrested in the murder of a 51-year-old Hawaiian house cleaner have been identified as a local couple. Stephen Brown, 23, and Hailey Kai Dandurand, 20, were taken into custody late Thursday after Telma Boinville was found beaten to death with a baseball bat inside a Honolulu holiday home. The couple were tracked down by police after they allegedly sped off in the dead woman's vehicle. Deputy police chief John McCarthy said Boinville had been murdered Thursday afternoon in the rental home she was working in. It was only when the renters arrived that her body was found in one of the rooms. The victim's eight-year-old daughter, Makana, was found uninjured but tied up in a separate room with a bag placed over her head. Source

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