Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mandeville LA: Five Black Shoplifting Women Use Mace & Stun Guns On Victoria's Secret Employees

MANDEVILLE, La. -- The Mandeville Police Department is investigating an armed robbery that happened Tuesday night at Victoria's Secret in the Premier Shopping Center. Store staff called 911 after five people made out with stacks of merchandise valued in excess of $1,500, according to Mandeville Police. Two of the suspects were armed, one with mace, the other with a stun gun. One of the suspects sprayed two of the employees with the mace, while a third employee was shocked with the stun gun. The suspects fled the scene in what was described as a silver Honda sedan with a temporary license plate with unknown numbers attached. The suspects were described as African American females. Three were light skinned and two were dark skinned, and all were between 5'5" and 5'10" in height. They are all believed to be in their 20s. One of the subjects had red hair, another had a pony tail, a third one had a thick braid, and the shortest suspect had a blue baseball cap. “This is much more than a felony shoplifting. We are treating this as an armed robbery which carries a much stiffer penalty," Police Chief Gerald Sticker said. Source

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