Friday, October 12, 2018

Fat Lesbian Anna Ayers, 21, Is Charged With Sending HERSELF Homophobic Death Threats Which She Used To Campaign Against Hate Towards The LGBTQ Crowd

An Ohio University student has been charged with sending herself homophobic threats which she used to campaign against hate towards the LGBTQ community. Anna Ayers, 21, is said to have sent herself three notes which she claimed she found in her desk at the Student Senate and at home last month. One contained a death threat, local newspaper The Post reported. Ayers gave them to university police and said she had been left feeling 'frustrated' by them. She did not reveal what they said but indicated they were homophobic and later used them as the underpinning of inspirational messages she posted on social media. On Monday, she was arrested by Ohio University Police Department for making a false alarm. Source

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