Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sins Of Gluttony #65: Michelle Vanbuskirk, 43, Is Charged With Assaulting Two Female Flight Attendants On Board United Airlines Flight UA919

Fat Drunk American.....

'Drunk' passenger, 43, 'attacked two women flight attendants on United Airlines plane from Heathrow to Washington which then had to return to London airport'

An American woman accused of being so drunk during a transatlantic flight that the pilot had to return to Heathrow has appeared in court. Michelle Vanbuskirk, 43, is charged with assaulting two female flight attendants on board United Airlines flight UA919 from Heathrow to Washington DC on Sunday September 23rd this year. The defendant of Camden, north London, appeared on bail at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court wearing a black blazer, trousers and heeled boots. Vanbuskirk is charged with being drunk on an aircraft, two counts of assaulting cabin crew Porsha Chaplian and Emily Menninger by beating and a public disorder offence. A fifth charge of intentionally interfering with the performance of a member of air crew was withdrawn at the request of the prosecution. Source

We really do need a plague and famine....


  1. I was on that flight. After being handcuffed and restrained, that woman screamed for two hours while fuel was jettisoned and we returned to Heathrow. I hope they pull her passport and she is barred from flying commercially for life! Hopefully she will face a huge fine as well.

    United Airlines handled the situation excellently as did all the passengers on the flight. The airline put us up at various hotels, provided vouchers for dinner and breakfast, and bus vouchers back to the terminal for our rescheduled flights. There was even a dedicated phone number for us to call if we needed flight arrangements other than those they had already arranged. Here's hoping that woman has to repay United for that expense!