Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One Stabbed And 19 Injured During RIOT At Nipsey Hussle's Memorial

One person is stabbed and 19 people are injured in a huge stampede at Nipsey Hussle's memorial: 

Violence breaks out among the hundreds gathered for a vigil outside the store where he was gunned down One person has been stabbed and 19 were injured after violence broke out at a memorial for rapper Nipsey Hussle outside the Los Angeles store where he was shot dead a day earlier. Scores of fans were holding a vigil at the Marathon Clothing store in the South Los Angeles neighborhood on Monday night when the disturbance occurred. A Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman said they had received a report of a possible shooting or stabbing. Dramatic footage showed the moment a stampede broke out as terrified fans fled across the parking lot where the memorial was being held. At least two members of the crowd were critically injured and one injury was reportedly from a car hitting a pedestrian. Source

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