Thursday, September 2, 2021

Tyson Gilbert, 39, Hearing Voices On The Radio Telling Him To Cut Off His Penis To Save The World - Cut Off His Penis And Threw It Out The Car Window At Police In Tennessee...

Man, 39, cut off his penis and threw it out of the car window while he was being chased by police in Tennessee: Says he heard voices on the radio telling him it ‘would save the world’ 

A man who severed his penis and threw it out of his car window because voices on the radio told him it would save the world has been arrested after a police chase in Tennessee on Wednesday. Tyson Gilbert, 39, from Cookeville, Putnam County TN, led police officers on a wild car chase through two counties in Tennessee as he hared towards the Interstate on Wednesday morning. A Tennessee highway patrolman was the first to see Gilbert had mutilated himself after seeing the man, who was driving naked, covered in blood. He was eventually stopped by members of the Alexandria Police Department who managed to box in his car on the highway just before he reached the Interstate. He was taken into custody before being transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, though it is not known if his appendage was retrieved for reattachment. Source

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