Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jews At Sony Give Drunkards, Sodomites, Potheads, Atheists & Protestants Who Don't Go To Church On A Thursday A Way To Completely Ignore Christmas In Typical Jew Fashion!!

After a month of threats from hackers that nearly derailed its release and almost brought Sony Pictures to its knees, the long-awaiting opening of The Interview on Christmas Day became a major event with packed crowds flocking to not only see the movie but also champion freedom of expression. Sold out crowds turned out around the country, helping the movie earn a staggering $1million on opening day, and making it now on track to earn $4million this holiday weekend. And for some theatergoers seeing the film became a very patriotic moment, like the crowd at The Plaza Theater in Atlanta, Georgia who got to their feet to sing God Bless America before the picture started. The 1942 rendition of the classic song as performed by Kate Smith will be played before each screening at that theater. 'This is way more fun than it would have been,' said Jim Kelley of Atlanta, who waited outside with his daughter, Shannon. The elder Kelley added, with mocking sarcasm, 'This is almost dangerous, like we're living life on the edge.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

This Is How Grownups Drunkards Celebrate Christmas....

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