Sunday, May 8, 2016

Asian Student At George Mason University, Hosung 'Steven' Lee Was Beaten & Stabbed By Mob Of Asian Students Who Then Drove Steve Home Placed Him In Bed Where He Died

College student who was brutally beaten and stabbed by a 15-strong mob at a party is discovered dead hours after friends drove him home and put him to BED

A college student, 21, was beaten by a mob and stabbed at a party before friends drove him home and placed him in bed, where he was discovered dead the next morning, according to a search warrant. Hosung 'Steven' Lee, a student at George Mason University, died from a stab wound to the chest, with the state medical examiner ruling it a homicide last week, according to the Washington Post. Lee attended a party in Herndon, Virginia, the night before, where a witness said a mob of 10 to 15 people beat him while he lay on the kitchen floor, according to search warrants filed by Fairfax County police. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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