Thursday, June 29, 2017

Facebook Live Streaming Heroin Overdose

A shocking Facebook live video shows the grim moment a woman tries to wake up her boyfriend after he overdosed on heroin inside of a parked car in Massachusetts. The seven-minute long video of the incident has been viewed over 12million times since being recorded on June 21 at 6.26pm in a neighborhood in the Dorchester area. The graphic clip begins by showing a man walking up to a parked white car with the couple both passed out in the front seats. A needle can be seen lying in the unidentified woman's lap as she sits in the driver's seat. 'That n**** dead, look look, he's dead,' the man recording the video says of the passenger in the front seat. Another person with the person filming the video knocks on the car window in an attempt to wake the couple up. 'Yo they dead man, somebody call 911,' a person yells. Daily Mail >>>>>>

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