Monday, June 25, 2018

Bizarre Evangelical Practice Of Full Immersion Baptism: Father Who Tried To 'Baptize' His Wife And Two Kids In His Bathtub Is Arrested For Trying To Drown Them

Police in West Virginia say a man who claimed he was trying to baptize his wife and children in a bathtub has been charged with trying to drown them.  36-year-old Leslie Kelly of Chapmanville was charged with attempted murder, domestic battery and child abuse creating the risk of serious injury.  The Logan County Sheriff's Office says that deputies found Kelly's wife outside the home soaking wet. She says Kelly held her and the children under water Kelly's wife told deputies he grabbed her first and tried to baptize her. He then held her back as he tried to baptize the kids according to KOMO news.   Deputy Barry Mynes Jr. says Kelly repeatedly said he was trying to baptize his family and that God told him to do it.  Source

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