Tuesday, June 25, 2019

SINS OF ANGER #18: Tisha Sanchez, 30, Claims DEMONS Told Her To SACRIFICE Her Son To SATAN....

Texas mother 'murdered her eight-year-old son before claiming demons had told her to sacrifice him'

A Texas mom has been charged with capital murder after 'demons told her to sacrifice him.' A relative told police that Joevani Antonio Delapene, 8, was killed, possibly by suffocation with a pillow, in an RV behind his home. Tisha Sanchez, 30, was jailed Sunday after someone was reported as being unconscious at about 7:30 a.m. at her home in Irving, north west of Dallas, Texas. Sanchez also called police and said she thought her son had died, according to the affidavit. The Dallas County medical examiner said that Joevani had already died when they arrived at the home. Sanchez - whose bail hasn't been set yet - was transferred from the Irving jail to the Dallas County jail on Monday. As well as her capital murder charge the 30-year-old is also facing assault of a peace officer and resisting arrest. 'His caring nature touched countless lives and created many, many friendships,' the boy's aunt wrote about him on a fundraising site. 'He had a contagious smile with an even bigger heart.' Source


  1. I think she actually murdered him and then asked for forgiveness. It's a shame no-one did better their best to help Tisha Sanchez when Joevani was still alive.

    1. And they never said sacrifice to Satan. Just sacrifice. Ask Tisha who she sacrified to.