Saturday, August 17, 2019

SINS OF ANGER #21: Apostate Catholic Conor McGregor Sucker Punches An Old Man......

I predict a very bad end for this Apostate..face down in a gutter...soon....

'I don't want to drink that s***': What elderly drinker 'told Conor McGregor' after being offered a shot of the UFC star's own brand whisky before the fighter punched him

The elderly man Conor McGregor allegedly punched provoked the ex-UFC champion, an insider has said.  CCTV footage from the incident, back on April 6, shows the fighter punching a man at the bar of Marble Arch pub in Dublin, Ireland after he refused to taste his own-brand whisky.   A source told the Irish Mirror: 'The fella McGregor offered a drink to said, "I don't want to drink that s***, I don't want your drink" and McGregor wasn't happy.   'And sure that was the end of it – then he swung for him,' they added. Source

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