Saturday, August 3, 2019

ATHEIST Nurse Lisa Margaritis, 49, Dies During Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga Class....

Nurse, 49, dies after getting caught in strong current while trying to save another woman from drowning in a stand-up paddleboard yoga class

A registered nurse died after trying to save another woman from drowning during a stand-up paddleboard yoga class. Lisa Margaritis, 49, was taking part in a session at Hashamomuck Pond in Long Island, New York, when she noticed someone else struggling in the water. After heading out to help her, Margaritis' own paddleboard got caught on a bridge piling which caused her to get swept into strong currents beneath the Long Island Rail Road Bridge, Southold Police reported. In the water she was 'tethered to the board and was unable to free herself' according to Detective Sergeant John Sinning. A jogger who was passing-by spotted the experienced paddleboarder struggling and jumped in to rescue her. He was able to bring her to land, where she received received CPR from first respondents. She was taken to East Long Island hospital where she was pronounced dead at around 9.52am, according to Newsday. Source

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