Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sins Of Lust #21: Evangelical Prick Brig. Gen. Joseph Harrington Seduced Wife Of A Soldier Under His Jurisdiction

Only Evangelical Pricks smile like that.....

Married Army general is stripped of a star and forced to retire after sending 'flirtatious' texts to a soldier's wife

A married two-star general has been stripped of one of his stars after he was found to have exchanged inappropriate messages with the wife of a soldier under his jurisdiction, the Army announced on Friday. An internal investigation revealed Brig. Gen. Joseph Harrington exchanged more than 1,000 'flirtatious' messages with the unidentified woman for at least four months. Harringon, who led the U.S. Army in Africa from a base in Italy, will now be forced to retire from his 30-year military career with one star for what the Army called 'dissolute and immoral' behavior. Source

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