Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sins Of Lust #23: Rhode Island Senate Minority Whip Sodomite Nicholas Kettle Has Been Charged With Extorting Sex From A Male Page

GOP state senator is charged with extorting sex from a male page who went on to run against him two years later

A Republican state senator has been charged with extorting sex from a male page in Rhode Island, according to a grand jury indictment. Senate Minority Whip Nicholas Kettle, from Coventry, was arraigned on two counts of extortion in Providence Superior Court on Monday, as the indictment was unsealed. Kettle, 27, was indicted and arrested at his job in Richmond last week, but the details of the extortion counts remained sealed over the weekend. The indictment says Kettle coerced a male page into sex on two occasions in 2011 - the senator's first year in the General Assembly. It adds that Kettle threatened to injure the page or harm his reputation if he didn't comply. Source

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  1. "But...but....he's pro-life and pro-religious freedom!" bleat the Neo-Cons and the Mad Trads. "Let's give him a mulligan!"