Thursday, February 8, 2018

TEXAS: Evangelical House Party Gone Wrong! Man Becomes Possessed During Service & Stabs 4

Pictured: Parishioner who 'stabbed to death a band member and injured three others including the pastor' during church service in a Texas home 

A church service inside a Texas home turned bloody on Wednesday when one of the parishioners suddenly lunged at a band member and fatally stabbed him. He also wounded the pastor and two others while the congregation was singing in prayer. Police say the band member, 61, has died of his injuries and the 54-year-old pastor is hospitalized in serious condition after the stabbings in the in-house church service in Corpus Christi. The suspect, 28-year-old Marco Antonio Moreno, surrendered to congregants, authorities said. He's being held at the Nueces County jail on murder and aggravated assault charges. Jail records don't indicate whether he has an attorney. Moreno has an 'alcohol- and drug-related history' with police, authorities said. Source

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