Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Demoniacally Possessed Ax-Wielding Kisstal Killough Arrested For Threatening To 'Kill Everybody' At Vegas Elementary School

Ax-wielding 'mentally ill' woman, 33, is arrested after climbing fence at a Las Vegas elementary school and threatening to 'kill everybody' 

A Las Vegas woman has been arrested after police say she scaled the fence of a local elementary school with a pickax in her hand. Officer Eric Leavitt said Wednesday that Kisstal Killough appeared to be under the influence of an unspecified drug and was threatening to 'kill everybody' before she was jailed a little before noon on Tuesday. Leavitt says Killough lives near Tom Williams Elementary School, and neighbors and school officials called police when they saw her pacing with the ax in the parking lot while some 200 children were in the school yard Source

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