Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chicago Chef Homaru Cantu, Hangs Self In His Restaurant Moto

A chef who rose from homelessness to own one of Chicago's most well-respected restaurants, Moto, was found dead on Tuesday, in the midst of a bitter lawsuit lodged by an investor. Homaro Cantu, 38, was found hanging inside Crooked Fork Brewery, the new restaurant he was opening up with his business partner on the north side of Chicago. An autopsy has been scheduled for Wednesday, but authorities have already said they are investigating the married father-of-two's death as a suicide.  Friends say Cantu had recently become strained by a lawsuit filed by a former investor in Moto and iNG, a restaurant Cantu shuttered last year. Last month, investor Alex Espalin accused Cantu in court papers of co-mingling funds from Moto to keep iNG afloat, even though he advised Cantu to close the business. He claimed Cantu stopped talking to him after he confronted him about using Moto's bank account for personal expenses including, trips, meals, a cookbook and other unrelated ventures. According to the lawsuit, Espalin initially invested $100,000 in Cantu's businesses and another $50,000 later on and had a 15 per cent ownership in Moto. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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