Sunday, May 14, 2017

Perverted Atheist Douglas Goldsberry Paid Underage Strippers To Do A Striptease On Neighbors Fort Porch While He Masturbated From Inside His Home!

Goldsberry had paid women to strip at his neighbor’s house near 185th and Indiana Streets. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said he told a deputy that he masturbated from inside his home while watching the stripteases. The visits from the strippers occurred at least 75 times. The neighbors, a couple in their 30s with sons ages 3 and 1, said the stripper visits began about a month after they moved into their house. Sometimes they were alerted to the visitors by a kick on their door or their doorbell ringing. Sometimes pimps peered into their windows. Sometimes the women became upset because they expected someone at the house to pay them. Fabian also noted that some of the young women who showed up at the house may have been 16 or younger. The family that lives across the street from Goldsberry’s house has sought a protection order against him. Source 

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