Sunday, May 14, 2017

Public Masturbation: Sodomite Terry Lee Andreassen, 59 Fu*king Hates Portland

A man was indicted Thursday for "masturbating vigorously" outside of New Avenues for Youth in downtown Portland on May 3. Court documents say that when a Portland police officer responded to a complaint of public indecency at the location, the officer saw Terry Lee Andreassen, 59, "with his erect penis exposed to the public."When Andreassen saw the officer, he "put his penis back in his pants and began to walk away." Documents say that when the officer asked Andreassen whether or not it was appropriate to masturbate in public and why he was doing it, Andreassen told the officer that he was on meth and wanted to go back to prison, because he "f--ing hates Portland." This is not Andreassen's first time acting inappropriately in public. He has convictions for public indecency going back to at least 2001. An affidavit from a 2014 felony conviction for public indecency says that on Aug. 30 of 2014 Andreassen was observed "laying on the sidewalk on NW Couch between 1st and 2nd Ave...across from the exit of Jones Bar." The affidavit says Andreassen was observed "stroking his penis outside of his pants" and that he was "staring at several females in the bar that were standing in line." Andreassen was observed doing this for two nights in a row. Andreassen is currently booked at the Multnomah County Inverness Jail. Source

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