Thursday, March 8, 2018

ATHEIST Mother Kiley Witworth, 23, Makes Chocolate TRUFFLES Out Of Her PLACENTA & Posts On Snapchat!

New mother has her placenta turned into chocolate TRUFFLES - and broadcasts the grisly process on her Snapchat 

A new mother had her placenta turned into a batch of chocolates - and documented the entire process on Snapchat. Beautician Kiley Witworth, 23, from Georgia, who gave birth to son Samuel on Tuesday with partner Nick, hired a professional to whip up a batch of the chocolates - which she claims will improve her postnatal health - after spotting a business card for placenta encapsulation on the maternity ward. She then filmed the organ being dehydrated, blended and turned into truffles and heart-shaped chocolates on her Snapchat - complete with footage of her sampling them the treats for the first time. The footage has been circulated widely and divided viewers, with some branding it 'cannibalism', while others applaud Kiley's choice. Source

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