Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Shit Hole INDIA: Worker Dies After Bully Shoves Compressed Air Hose Up His Butt

Factory worker killed after disgusting workplace ‘prank’ backfires 

A FACTORY worker has died and two of his colleagues have been arrested after a shocking “prank” backfired. The man, known only as Ravinder, was working in a manufacturing plant in New Delhi in India when he bent down to retrieve a piece of wood from the factory floor. According to The Mirror, his colleague Anjan Misra allegedly inserted an industrial air hose into his bottom. Local media reported Mr Misra was able to carry out the suspected “prank” as Ravinder had a hole in his trousers.The 40-year-old victim received horrific injuries after the hose was turned on, with the powerful air compressor damaging his internal organs, causing the man to haemorrhage.  He collapsed at the factory and was taken to hospital but died later that day.  Some of Ravinder’s co-workers reportedly mocked him during the attack, which occurred last week. Source

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