Wednesday, March 7, 2018

DOOMSDAY For ‘Doomsday Clock’ ATHEIST Professor Lawrence Krauss Caught With Pants Down!

‘Doomsday Clock’ professor put on leave amid allegations of sexual misconduct

PHOENIX — Arizona State University professor Lawrence Krauss, internationally known as an outspoken atheist and for his work on the symbolic "Doomsday Clock," has been put on paid leave by university officials after allegations of sexual misconduct were published in a recent BuzzFeed article. The university, in a statement issued late Tuesday, said it began a review of the professor's conduct after it was contacted for the article."In an effort to avoid further disruption ... as the university continues to gather facts about the allegations, Krauss has been placed on paid leave and is prohibited from being on campus for the duration of the review," ASU said in a written statement. Krauss, a theoretical physicist known internationally for his work, has denied the story's allegations. It includes at least nine allegations of inappropriate behavior or comments, some more detailed than others. Source 

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