Monday, March 5, 2018

FOLLIES OF FIRST RESPONDERS #2: Hero Firefighters Drunken Fight During Long Island Wedding

I got a feelin' that Follies of  First Responders will be a regular feature on this blog....

Four are arrested as a huge 50-person drunken brawl breaks out between wedding guests and firefighters on Long Island, resulting in the groom being punched by at least three people  

As many as 50 rowdy individuals were involved in a massive catering hall brawl in Long Island early Sunday. Police say four firefighters in attendance to an installation ceremony were arrested after a fight broke out between them and wedding guests at the East Wind in Wading River. The groom, two police officers and one other were injured. The alcohol-fueled fight led to the groom, who has not been identified, punched by at least three people. He suffered face and upper body injuries. The unnamed officers suffered minor injuries from incident. The four injured were transported to the Peconic Bay Medical Center for treatment.  Source 

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