Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Video: Angry Black Women Beat Up White Woman With A Baseball Bat..

Menacing moment two sisters armed with baseball bats prepare to beat a female motorist in road rage attack that left the victim with a broken nose, staples and stitches in her head

A woman was beaten by two women with baseball bats in a South Florida parking lot on Thursday after she said she cut one of the attackers off while driving on US Route 441. Mikaela Barboza, 26, took video of one woman approaching her with a baseball bat and yelling obscenities, which ended after showing a second woman approaching and swinging a bat in her direction before the clip cutout. A second video taken by Barboza's acquaintance, according to the Miami Herald, showed two of the women wrestling on the ground with the third appearing to hit one of the women with a bat, before bystanders eventually intervened. Source

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