Thursday, May 10, 2018

Benefits Of A Big Belly: Druid Witch Survives Stabbing By Neighbors.....

A druid witch was attacked and stabbed by his neighbours after they had enough of his noisy pagan rituals, a court heard. Mark and Anne Denyer attacked John Bennett as he conducted his latest back garden ceremony, which involved chanting and rhythmic beating of drums - something he did every full moon. Denyer exchanged insults over the fence with Mr Bennett, who goes by the Pagan name Bearheart, before storming round to his bungalow with his wife. Mrs Denyer, 52, armed herself with an umbrella which she used to hit the bearded druid over the head with while her 56-year-old husband had grabbed a carving knife from the kitchen and made a "short jab" with it towards his victim. Because Mr Bennett weighs 22 stone and has a "big belly" the blade didn't penetrate his abdomen and he suffered superficial injuries. Source

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