Thursday, May 10, 2018

Vegas DOOM! 59 Dead In Las Vegas Shooting - Seven Months Later - Vegas To Host World Largest ORGY!

Yea...I'm thinking that Vegas is not truly sorry for the 59 deaths.....

Hundreds of sex enthusiasts to descend on Las Vegas for 'world's biggest ORGY' in X-rated world record attempt 

Hundreds of sex enthusiasts are set to descend on Las Vegas in a bid to break the record for the world's biggest ever ORGY.  More than 1,000 people are expected to join in the "monumental" event in the city in Nevada, US, next month, organisers say.   Participants can either "play" with just their partner - or with other attendees "providing there is established mutual consent".  Tickets cost $200 (£148) for a couple and $25 (£18) for a single woman, but "unescorted males" are banned from the event.  However, the organisers do say they "will make a few exceptions for respectful single gentlemen to attend with couples/groups".The current documented record for the world's largest orgy reportedly stands at 500 people (250 couples), set in Japan in 2007.  But Menage Life, which is behind the Vegas attempt on the evening of June 2, has promised to "blow that number out of the water".  "We are anticipating 1000+ for this monumental event," the organisation says on its website, adding: "This is Sin City after all."  The record attempt is part of Sin City 8 - a days-long festival which is being held at the Embassy Suites on Swenson Street from May 30.  "All participants must have a Sin City 8 pass to participate," reads the Menage Life website, which describes other elements of the festival.  Source

No penance in that city........

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