Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Donny William Eaton Tried To Decapitate Wife Over Move To Florida...

Roxanne Tenore wanted to live the rest of her life in Florida with her husband and their children. She never got that chance. When she told her husband Donny William Eaton her plans, he cut her throat with a pocketknife and left her for dead inside their Marietta home. As jury selection was about to begin in his trial Monday, Eaton, 65, pleaded guilty to malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault and was sentenced to life in prison, Cobb County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Kim Isaza said Tuesday in a news release. “Donny Eaton took the life of his wife in a gruesome manner, with it appearing that he was attempting to decapitate her, all because she wanted to be closer to her children and grandchildren in Florida to live out the remainder of their lives,” Senior Assistant District Attorney Patricia Hull said in the courtroom. Source

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